Situation Update

Coronavirus (Covid-19) UPDATED 23.07.2020


In line with the latest government guidelines it is now compulsory for all customers to wear a face covering or mask when you visit shops, shopping centres and supermarkets

If for health reasons you are unable to wear a face covering we recommend that you wear a sunflower lanyard, that way other customers will understand you're unable to wear a face covering.

We have a limited supply and they are available upon request to one of our customer service personnel .You can also buy the sunflower lanyards online.


To help with the safe movement of people through the centre and stores, we have implemented a number of Social Distancing measures.

We have implemented clear and simple safe distancing guidelines, which will already be familiar to many of you if you have shopped in supermarkets in recent months.  

We will be managing the number of customers allowed on the mall at one time to allow social distancing measures to be safely followed.

It may be necessary to restrict access at entrances in the event the volume of customers in the centre exceeds the designated threshold.   

We will reduce touch points as much as possible for your safety and . Please note there will be no seating throughout the mall.   

The cleaning team will be cleaning all touch point areas regularly.

Our retailers will be operating their stores in line with their company policies and every store will have a queuing system for your safety, which we ask all customers to be mindful of. Some stores will be operating one‐way entry and exit systems.   

We ask that all procedures put in place by our retailers and teams are respectfully followed.