Disabled Facilities

  • All entrances on the ground floor are automatic electric doors
  • At the Chatham Bowl entrance there is a ramp for customer coming from the council car park
  • All passenger lifts have been designed to meet DDA requirements
  • First floor shopping can be accessed via two lifts
  • There are two disabled toilets in the public toilet facilities
  • There are twelve disabled car parking spaces in the underground car park and fourteen on the roof car park

Changing Places Toilet

We now have a fully equipped Changing places toilet in the Shopping Centre. It's free to use and located in the main facilities area. 

A Changing Places toilet is a fully accessible toilet with the following additional equipment: a height-adjustable changing bench, an overhead track or mobile hoist; a peninsular toilet, privacy screen and enough space for up to two carers.

Mobility Hub

Should you need help getting about town the Mobility Hub will rent you a Wheelchair or and Electric Scooter. You can find them next to The British Heart Foundation.

Friends of Autism

We understand that for some people with autism spectrum conditions (ASC), sensory or additional needs a visit to a busy shopping centre can be a daunting experience. To help make your visit as enjoyable as possible, we have created a number of helpful resources for individuals with autism and their parents/ carers.

Sound Out Sundays

On the first Sunday of the month we make every effort to minimise the ambient noise in the centre by turning off the music and requesting the shops do the same. As well as turning off the hand dryers and replacing them with hand towels. We also set up a designated chill out zone on the first floor by Wilkos, should you need to take a break away from the crowds.

We have also developed a visual guide (aimed predominantly at children with ASC) and a detailed guide (aimed predominantly at parents/carer or adults with ASC ) to the centre, which aim to support you from the early stages of planning a visit, arriving at the Centre, information about the amenities and what to do in an emergency.

We have also developed alert cards that can be used throughout your visit at your discretion. You can download them via the links below. We would love to hear your feedback on our facilities, service or how we can help further. Please phone 01634 405 388 or email


Visual guide


Alert Card


Detailed Card



To assist in planning your visit to The Pentagon Shopping Centre we've included a Virtual Tour below so you can navigate your way through and know exactly what to expect when you visit. The tour starts at the ground floor lifts that service each level of our car park.


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